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SA Monkey Thorn Bonsai.
« on: March 09, 2018, 04:30 AM »
Hi Everybody,
I'm a new member and truly need some advice.

I'm a Botanist by trade and am living in a centre for epileptic people in SA. I have been presented with a grouping of three Monkey thorn tree "Bonsai" some time ago. At that point they were virtually dead sticks in the ground, by the way they were started as air layers and haven't got a well developed root system.

Well, I got them going again after a few weeks of watering everyday and they started to leaf one after the other. They got a major setback when someone tried to carry them together with other plants. The pot fell and all of them were out of the ground, completely destroying the bioflora around the few roots they have. Again it took them some time to recover, however I think the one is dead? The first tree that leaved looks great, a second one just started leafing last week.

This morning a careless carwasher pulled a hosepipe over the lot, uprooting the one that just started leafing again. Now my question, should I rather take it and put it in river sand to develop more than just two single roots?

Thanks for any advice.