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 2010 International Stone Appreciation Symposium
REGISTRATION information: Glenn Reusch (540) 672-5699 Sean Smith (717) 957-4172 E-mail:

September 30 - October 3, 2010 Holiday Inn - Harrisburg / Hershey Grantville, PA:
" All viewing stone enthusiasts are invited to attend a North American symposium devoted exclusively to stone appreciation and featuring international speakers. The goal of our group of stone enthusiasts, (Sean Smith, James Doyle, Martin Schmalenberg, Arthur Skolnik, Glenn Reusch & Wm. N. Valavanis) sponsoring this symposium, is to promote the appreciation and deepen the knowledge of suiseki and viewing stones. Our world-renowned speakers from Japan, England, Spain, Canada and the United States will share their extensive knowledge and expertise throughout the four-day symposium. If you are passionate about stones, this is the event you have been dreaming of!
Registration is required for attendance at the International Stone Appreciation Symposium. Please join us for an enjoyable and highly informative four days. Early registrants will be given priority for the workshops and stone critiques. Register early and start thinking about which stone(s) you will bring.".

 ISAS 2010 Lectures Critiques Workshops 

Friday October 1, 2010 Seiji Morimae: “Japanese Suiseki Display I” “Japanese Suiseki Display II”; Kemin Hu:“Chinese Stone Appreciation I”; Larry Ragle: “Stone Collecting In California”
Saturday, October 2, 2010 Rafael Monje Garcia: “Collecting Spanish Suiseki”; Seiji Morimae: “Japanese Suiseki Philosophy”; Peter Warren: “Japanese Suiseki Aesthetics”; Kemin Hu: “Chinese Stone Appreciation II”; Larry Ragle: “Keido Study In Japan”
Sunday, October 3, 2010 Seiji Morimae: “Japanese Aesthetics”;Rafael Monje Garcia: “Spanish Suiseki”
# Critiques Spend an hour with Seiji Morimae, Rafael Monje Garcia, or Larry Ragle in the Registrant’s exhibit. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and join in a stimulating discussion.
# Workshops Please bring your own tools, aprons and eye protection. Specialty power tools and all other supplies will be supplied.
Collecting Suiseki: James F. Doyle– (limited to 8 persons) Explore the Susquehanna River on this all day collecting trip from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. A wonderful collecting spot with very interesting stones will be visited. Collectors should be in good shape, expect some hiking and are ready for some climbing. Please wear proper clothing and boots, stones can be slippery.Lunch included, limitd to 8 persons.
Japanese Table Top Dry Garden: Arthur Skolnik This unusual and creative workshop is about thoughtful stone placement. A dynamic and classical Japanese table top dry garden will be created using stones (all bottom cut), flat fingernail size pebbles to create the feeling of rushing water, willow branches and sand. The willow branches will separate the “water” from the surrounding sand. Of all elements in a Japanese garden, stone is the most enduring. Stones are appreciated because they symbolize endurance, stability, strength, character and the virtuous contemplation of nature. Recreating a natural setting, a stream with rushing water is at the heart of this workshop.
Spend a Morning with Seiji Morimae (limited to 10 persons) Bring your own suiseki or two to get hands on information and critique about your stone from Seiji Morimae. Learn how to place your stone in a suiban and what kind of daiza would work best. This is a very special workshop never done in the US before, a real treat!
Kiri Bako (Wooden Box Making) Sean Smith Learn the Japanese secrets of creating your own kiri bako (wooden box) for that special suiseki in your collection. Box size will be 8 inches long x 6 inches deep x 5 inches high.
Stone Placement in Suiban with Wm. N. Valavanis Learn why and how to display stones in suiban to release their inner beauty and enance their appreciation. Specially designed suiban have been imported for this workshop which also includes a stone, sand and an accessory planting.