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Title: Juniper First styling
Post by: GastroGnome on April 02, 2011, 06:30 PM
Hello All,
This is the first post for me here in the tree section (I can normally be found in Pots, haha)
I picked up this tree last year as a pom pom topiary. Its a San Jose Juniper (i didnt know where to put this thread, so I stuck
it with the scale junipers.  I airlayered the top two pom poms, and this is the base that was left.  This is my first carving of shari and jin, so any comments would be appreciated.  I only wired the main two branches and the replacement apex, i want to give the tree a chance to recover some strength after the carving and repotting.  (is this necessary?)
I think the future design can be ascertained from the structure already in place.
Any comments or criticism would be most helpful.
Stands 14" above the soil, 2.5" trunk