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Bonsai Study Group Marketplace Rules
« on: March 23, 2011, 04:19 PM »
Bonsai Study Group has a new marketplace and auction system.

  • The Marketplace sub forums are a service offered to members. You may not have your first post be a classifieds thread. Doing so will result in the closure of said thread(s) and a warning. Continued abuse will result in further action.
  • No "cross posting", keep it to one thread. Posting the same thing in multiple threads, in multiple sections will constitute spam, and be dealt with as such.
  • One account per person, or a perma-ban. No questions asked. If you create an account after being banned you will have your IP address banned.
  • No personal attacks of any kind for any reason.
  • Type properly. This isn't grammar school, but it's not kindergarten, AIM, or text messaging.
  • This is a US based forum, as such members must refrain from using any language other than English on a regular basis. Take it to PMs please.
  • Report posts whenever possible. No backseat Modding. If you see something out of place, or questionable, send a Report.
  • Three strikes rule. After three bans, a perma-ban is the ONLY recourse.
  • Anything not explicitly covered by these rules is handled at the discretion of the moderators and administrator. Questioning of mod/admin decisions in the public forums is subject to an automatic ban in accordance with existing rules.
  • Trader Ratings have been added. By selling or buying through you are agreeing to USE THESE UPON COMPLETION of your transaction.

  • Locked threads indicate SOLD items.
  • When browsing ads, check the original POST date is recent.
  • Include your Location (City, State - Country) in your profile.
  • Posts SOLD when the item(s) is paid for and LOCK your thread if you are the classified starter.

Buyers & Sellers
  • Protect yourself by asking for a referral list of people / forum members the seller has dealt with in the past and using.
  • Trader Ratings should be used as a buyer/seller guide.
  • Ask questions and verification BEFORE you come to an agreement.

When you come to an agreement...
  • Post a reply in the ad saying "sold" or "item found".
  • Topic starter should LOCK the thread. ONLY the topic starter or moderator can lock a thread.
  • Private Message your payment information and obtain shipping location. PRINT YOUR PMs for reference. Follow up by EMAIL can lead to trouble and Private Message is recommended.
  • Prompt payment and shipment is expected.

When your transaction is complete
  • This assumes payment received and item received.
  • Enter Trader Ratings for each other.
          POSITIVE: good experience with the buyer/seller, items as expected
          NEUTRAL : useful for partners who "cancel" without any exchange of goods, or slow followup and delivery or payment
          NEGATIVE: bad experience with the buyer/seller, items not as advertised.
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