Author Topic: Spring Maintenance juvenile JBP pre-bonsai  (Read 5788 times)


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Spring Maintenance juvenile JBP pre-bonsai
« on: April 17, 2015, 03:16 AM »
Hi there new to the forum and to black pines (kinda). I've got two black pines that I bought last year that have twisted trunks at the bottom. The trunks were still slim to actually do the bonsai thing so I was encouraged to plant them in the grpund for a couple years. Well now it's been two years and they need a lil maintenance I think. I call them #1 and #2. I know #1 is going to need a lil more growing and will be a taller tree though I would like it to be around a foot high. #2 has a good set of branch work at the point where I want to bonsai it. It's got a thicker trunk but I don't know if it's quite ready for the treatment. Any way they are starting to look a lil wild especially #1. Any way could some one help me figure out what to do for maintenance this spring.

   Here are the pics.

JBP #1 showing back of tree

JBP #1 showing front

JBP#1 showing top

JBP #1 ground level

JBP #2 behind

JBP #2 front

JBP #2 top

JPB #2 ground level