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Air Layring problem
« on: June 09, 2020, 05:37 AM »
I have a problem with an air layring. I have done it on a flaky japanesse mapple with the intention to make a bonsai. This is the tree before the air layring
I did the air layring on the long leg, approx 30 cm under the crown.

I did it in April (I live in Glasgow UK). And I placed the tree in a place with partial sun and take constant care of it. At the beginning, the leaves at the top of braches dried off, but the rest was ok for a long time. A week ago (about 6 weeks since the air layring) I have checked for new roots, but did not see any. There were some white bumps in the area above the cut, so I closed back the moss bag and decided to wait longer.

But in the last three days all the leaves became currly and dried off. It was a surprise, since two days ago everything was fine. This is how the tree looks now:

Could anybody give me an advice? I want to save at least the rest of the tree.