Author Topic: Flame tree seedling not wanting to grow and dropping leaves and branches. Help!  (Read 8175 times)


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Hello everyone!
I am rather new to Bonsai having a flame tree and two spruce pines. They came in a kit I got for Christmas. I have another post describing my issues I am having but this post is only about one thing and I think most of you who are experienced might be able to answer it. I am trying to find the right spot in my house for my flame tree. It has about a 12-inch trunk that I am pretty happy with until it stopped growing anyways and it grows branches quite often. However, it doesn't seem to want to keep more than only two branches at a time. It will grow a third but then the leaves turn yellow and fall off, followed by the branch turning yellow and then falling off. What the heck! It is 1 1/2 years old now. And the trunk hasn't grown any either for over 8 months. I have only given it fertilizer a few times and I know this isn't good but I don't know what kind to give it or how much. I don't want to kill it. Right now it's in a very sunny window. Not so much direct light but very sunny and bright. I moved it to a less bright window and it still lost its leaves and branches. I then tried yet another window but still the same thing. Maybe even worse so I just put it back to where I originally had it. Does anyone have any thoughts about what I could do to help it keep its branches? And what to give it for fertilizer, how much and when? I live in the Mojave desert and it is summertime right now. It is very hot outside so it can't go outside for sure. It gets to 106 outside. As it gets colder I might put it outside until the winter comes and the freezing temperatures hit. Another should I question. Thx Oh, I added a pic of it underneath the very sunny window I had it in. I am keeping it where it is right now in the photo though to see if it helps. So far it hasn't.