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Zuicho JWP "Mini-me"

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Cool tree Adair, not your average JWP!
 Makes me excited to see what I will do with mine.  I've decided to hold off on doing the cutback until I achieve the new planting angle. 
So it's really nice to see you getting this one off to a stellar start! 

Wow, killer tree! Nice end result I can't wait to see how it looks in two years.

John Kirby:
Was always different from the Kokonoe, but not so different. Nice to see how you and Daisaku came to agreement on how to move forward. This will be fun to watch the progress over the next few years, I think you have a really interesting and beautiful tree. Was good to spend a few days with you and the cohort at Boon's.


( the pot you got from Daichan is for this tree?)

Adair M:
The one in the cabinet is.

The little round antique Japanese is for my red pine.

.............. :-X

 :o.  (Insert blasphemous expletive)

How can one not absolutely love the foilage of white pine? And this, a most wonderful specimen.

One day, a white pine will be my most expensive single bonsai purchase EVER. Of this I am sure.

Adair, I admire your dedication,  and eye for great quality. You should be a Bonsai Broker!

(Sounds of thunder echoing through a Rocky Mountain canyon)



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