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Zuicho JWP "Mini-me"

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Adair M:
Thanks, Herman.

Give it a couple years to fill back out, and it will be awesome!

I'm looking forward to seeing it again in May with all the new shoots!

Wait a minute, you do not keep it at your place?

wrong climate?

kind regards

Adair M:
No, it's at Boon's in California. It still has more styling and refinement to go.

I travel there at least 3 times a year, so I will be able to monitor the progress.

Diasaku visits Boon every year, so he will tweek it when he visits. I'll probably bring it home in 3 or 4 years after its been shown at the BIB show.

I live in the Southeast US, but up in a somewhat mountainous area. A friend who lives a couple hundred miles away but is a little warmer says he can keep Zuisho well, so I should have no issues about climate exept it does get hot and humid here in the summer. I may have to give it some partial shade in summer.

Adair M:
Update:  repotted!  My selected pot was a little too small for everyday use. I can perhaps use it to show, but that's a ways off. Do for now it's in this one:


That is a beautiful tree.  Well done.


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