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Zuicho JWP "Mini-me"

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John Kirby:
Yep, I have seen the pot that this tree is going in to. Very nice, very subtle custom made Gyouzan pot.

I know Kokonoe on JBP roots are extremely unstable when they get large. I take it from your comment that Zuisho are even  worse. Do you know why? I know I haven't seen any. John

Don Blackmond:

--- Quote from: Adair M on February 01, 2015, 11:14 AM ---Training pot, Don, training pot.

It has its permanent pot tucked away, biding it's time...

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.

Actually, the pot it's in is a pretty nice pot. Just way too deep for this tree.

--- End quote ---

I assumed so.  Just saying.  I like the tree.  I like the pot.  I don't like the tree in the pot for obvious reasons.

I have a bunch of trees wearing the wrong shoes....

Leo in NE Illinois:
Thanks Adair and Bill for the additional info on grafting and layering.

I will bury the graft union on my JWP Arakawa, and hope some day it will spontaneously root, though I think the reluctance of this cultivar to air layer higher up in the tree does not bode well for the eventual 'natural' or spontaneous ground layering by potting it deep enough to bury the graft union. But it is a small enough specimen, with a decent low graft, so it is possible to bury the graft without going back to a nursery can for a pot. Thanks for the info.

Adair M:
Leo, I doubt that would work. If you are determined to have JWP roots, the way to go is by doing root grafts of little JWP seedlings onto the JWP trunk.

Hello Mr Adair,

I've been so busy on new projects at work that I missed this lovely white pine of yours?! Congrats, Its a real showy tree. Maybe one day when I've grown up and I'm rich can I make a purchase like this one  ;D

I want to start experimenting with Adcocks dwarf read on evergreen gardenworks that they are more heat tolerant than the species, maybe see if I can get a motherplant and graft some stock before I've grown up and its too late, anyway...

lovely white pine!!!

best regards


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