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Zuicho JWP "Mini-me"

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Brian Van Fleet:
Nice start!  Do you know if it has been mostly container-grown, or had some years in the ground to thicken up?
FWIW my Zuisho has done very well here in Bham over the last 8 years; better than the non-dwarf cultivars.

Adair M:

Good to know Zuisho does well here in the South. That was my one reservation about acquiring the tree.

I can only speak about the last 15 years.  Boon bought the tree from a bonsai nursery in Japan 15 years ago. At that time it was about the same height as it is now. It had the smooth bark of young JWP. It has developed the rough bark over the past 15 years.

Boon says it was legally imported. He has all the paperwork.

It has been container grown since he purchased it.

For what it's worth, he was told by the nursery where he bought it that it was a Kokonoe. So that's what he thought it was.

The interesting thing is how this tree, and John's Kokonoe both were originally grafted on JBP stock, and both sent out new roots so that they are both now growing on their own roots. We will never know if this was by design or purely accidental. The trees came from two entirely different sources. The JBP roots have been removed.

John Kirby:
The gyozan in the cabinet is very nice and should fit the tree really well.

Julian Adams has zuisho air layers. I don't know why we don't see more of them in the west. The story of the discovery of the sport by suzuki-san was in an early issue of bonsai today.

Adair M:
One of the nice features of this tree is size of the branches. The trunk is as wide as a soda can, but the branches are mostly pencil size. This greatly aids to the illusion of size. The relatively thin branches make the trunk look larger.


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