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white pine soil mix for very low humidity zone 9b


Hello Guys,

I've recently found a place where i can get imported

* hyuuga
* akadama
* kiryusuna (japanese river sand)
* pumice(brown)
* kiryuishi(whitish pumice)
I'm in zone 9b. what kind of mix do you guys recommend,

I'm going to use a smaller grain to retain more water, our humidity is very low for most of the year

prob a boon mix?

ps: this stuff is imported from USA, so I can only afford a little bit at a time(extremely high priced), If any of you have any contacts in Japan that I can talk to directly to import this stuff directly from Japan it would be appreciated, pm me if willing

kind regards

John Kirby:
Hyuga& Kitusana 25-30% each
Akadama 40-50%

Water as required. JWP prefer drier conditions, extra akadama will let you flex on water.

Thank you mr Kirby :)

best regards


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