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White pine in akadama

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During these 90°+ days I've got my timer coming on for 1 minute 3 times a day (11am, 1pm, 3pm) and then hand watering when I get home from work.  Before the 90° days it was only twice (11am and 1pm), or not at all since we've had pretty constant rainfall for the last month or so.

The JWP in the mix of good and (bad) Brussel's soil hasn't needed any additional hand watering.  Mostly the only trees requiring additional watering are the azaleas and JBP in colanders. 

Thanks Matsu,
That helps alot. Here's a pic. I'm going to try and air layer the top off and establish a new apex at some point because there's a really nasty inverse taper up there. Maybe you can see a portion of it. Also I'm thinking of losing that first large branch. It's just too symmetrical to me. And the surface roots (or lack thereof) will need some help. Don't know what I've got below the soil. It was jsut repotted shortly before I bought it so I'll probably wait a few years before repotting and seeing what's going on down there.

John Kirby:
Remember, you can treat this a little more like a JBP than a JWP as it has JBP roots from the grafting. John

Yeah I knew it had JBP trunk, but hadn't thought about how that might change things. How could it be treated differently? Care, style?

It's not that different other than requiring SLIGHTLY more watering than JWP roots. In fact, their roots look completely different. I think they can be handled similarly in terms of styling. Your tree seems to be already styled. What you need to focus on is how to keep it alive and let it thrive.

On a hot windy day they should be watered at least twice. The best thing is to use your finger and dig half an inch into the soil to check for moisture. If there is none, water.



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