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Hello all,
Cleaned up my only white pine over the weekend. Did some wiring and some needle plucking. The tree is about 12 inches tall. In the future, I will probably keep the style as is. I may do some fine wiring later on. Also, I may take some of the "bow" out of some of the branches. The tree was repotted 1 1/2 months ago and with more work done last weekend, I will just let the tree rest for a while now.


Comments always welcome ;D

Looking good.  What are your thoughts on the current pot?  Any change in the future?

Hello MatsuBonai...Good question. This is the first bonsai pot (that I know of) for the tree. It came out of a plastic nursery pot. However, it was not the deep kind, it was maybe half the height. Initially, I had a more square pot picked out. It was a shorter pot. However, it seemed that from a health point of view, that is was going to be crammed in there. I opted for a larger pot. A bit big. However, now the tree can enjoy all the room and keep it's health. Possible on the next repot, I would go with a slightly shorter, lighter colored and smoother edged pot. All I know is that I don't think this tree lost more than 1-2 needles after the repot. I was happy to see it happy ;D

What would you suggest for a pot, would you agree with the future pot I described?


John Kirby:
One of the nicer grafts, you have a very nice one. Looks good. I think a softer, possibly greyish (at least lighter) pot would be good. Something that compliments the "femininity" of the foliage. Couple of years, to fill in the foliage a bit, will be great.


Thanks John.. I do agree with your future pot desciption. Usually, my method is that when I get a tree in a nusery container, It is potted into a grow pot or an oversized, rough bonsai pot first, then in 2-3 years or so, it then goes into it's bonsai pot.



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