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This tree has been extremely slow this spring, some buds only opened up needles on their tips and some just extended but have not pushed out any needles yet.... :|

Here is a pic

Hi Herman,

Looking good ;) ;D WP up in JHB are always slower in Spring than BP
Here is a pic of mine very similar to yours.

M. Frary:
  My elms are always first to wake up in spring. My pines last. Thats just the way it is.

Hello  people,

I've changed the  planting angle slightly to the left, I decided to repot the tree while the tempd are  very mild still. I used my clinker mix...
So I'm not  doing much else to this tree until I get it really strong. It looks stronger than last spring.

Two pics far and close
Pine to the left is a loblolly repotted at the same time

Best regards

Hi Herman

Stunning trees.

I think the change in planting angle helped and I agree on getting the pine as strong as possible.  I do not have white pine but I know with black pine how fickle they can be.

Good luck.


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