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Thought I'd at least update this thread with 4 photos of the tree. Only thing ive been doing is watering it and looking at it. I like the base of the tree and the branch placement. If I repot it this coming spring, can I wire it this autumn? Im asking because I think they are not as strong as black pines.

Thanks to all for the advice. It is much appreciated as always

Now I have to impatiently, patiently bid my time until I can wire it for the first time

1st pic is of the current front


Nice tree Herman, I like it very much.  Only question I have is if it really needs repotting, or if you just want to repot for other reasons.  I have found that if I want to do work on them, it's better not to repot.  And actually better not to repot unless it actually needs it.  They don't mind being a bit rootbound, just as long as the water can penetrate the rootball.

Dan W.:
Does the "horrible red loam" happen to be akadama?

I only ask because akadama is supposed to break down. The tree looks nice and healthy to me. Is it draining out the bottom when you water? If it is akadama and it's formed a "cake" around the rootball then you just need to shave some off the ends and underneath, tease out the roots, and then place a coarse mixture of akadama and pumice or something similar around to fill in the space. -- And that's only if it actually needs re-potting. :)

Hello Judy :),

thank you for the compliment ;D. the reason i want to re-pot is because i have found a lot of current year needles browning from the tips inward, ps I could find no sign of any fungus, and the fact that the tree seem to be unstable in the soil. This gave me the idea of root problems? the soil drains extremely slow, about a minute and it only drains through the bottom holes after the second watering. I have loosened the top soil and this helped some with the draining. Currently i only water the tree every three to four days. I also want to repot because it has happened to me that i worked on a Mugo in bad soil(this was early winter, and only comprised of light wiring and light thinning out) the tree budded as normal in spring, but i refrained from repotting it because i didn't want to delay its training for a year because of repotting, and i found a lot of good info on bnut by Vance Wood, planned to do the summer work, it kicked the bucket on me due to root rot because of a lot of rain....will it not be better then to forestall any hard work on the tree to get it into better soil first, get this out of the way, before i start working on it?

Hello Dan :)

glad to meet you.

I dont think it is akadama, purely for the reason that this tree came from china, which means that it was commercially grown amongst another thousand white pines. it seems unlikely that they would import akadama from Japan to use on their commercial stock on such a large scale. But then again you may be right, since i dont have a clue what akadama looks like. What i can say is that the soil in this white pine's pot is dark burgundy red underneath the surface , grey on top of the surface, very fine and compacts very easily.

I also emailed Michael Hagedorn(what an awesome guy!!!) to ask advice and he seemed to suggest that I can repot in spring if i wanted to, he didn't lean very strong in any direction. he did however give a lot of tips on cultivation and care. I think it is difficult to establish what a tree needs from photos

Best regards

Don Blackmond:
it looks like field dirt.  typical of the trees shipped from china.  make do until you can repot it.  the challenge you have is getting all the roots wet but not allowing them to stay soggy.  slip-potting is fine but watch that your water does not run off/over the bad soil and down through the added good soil.  you need water to penetrate the old soil to reach the roots, but the path of least resistance will be the good soil surrounding the bad soil.

it looks like you have your trees under a roof.  do you keep them in the sun some time during the day?


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