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Shohin Goyomatsu

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This goyomatsu was purchased from cass bonsai gardens in march. The only thing I have done is removed a branch and wire a branch. I will be styling it this fall/winter. Suggestions are welcome, although there is not that much to style. I is about a 10 year old tree. 8 inches in height. Grafted to kuromatsu. It is nice movement in my opinion.

ken duncan:
I like this little Pine, it should make a great Bonsai with time in a pot.

Jeff Lahr:
Are you planning on doing some needle plucking this fall?

I am told that goyomatsus bleed a lot, so no. But I heard of a technique where you cut the needles and they will eventually fall off, has anybody done this???

John Kirby:
Cut them to reduce the last years needles, the older needles should turn yellow and fall of this fall. John


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