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Semi-cascade Kokonoe White Pine

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John Kirby:
First picture looks like it, but hard to tell with the limited relative barking on the roots. Like Zuisho I understand that Kokonoe will root from cuttings and air layers. Nice tree.

Owen's been a busy guy... ;D
I like the trunk very much, and am happy that you are showing so much of it in your styling. 

I wanted to add (but for some reason can't modify my post) that I wonder if just deleting the very top of the apex would help with the overall feel of the tree.

Owen Reich:
Judy, I'm not opposed to taking off part of the top.  However, if that was done, I'm afraid even with carefully placed pads to recreate the apex, the foliage layout would look like a cell phone signal:

One way to avoid this would be to drop / grow the right side of the tree's canopy down much lower.  That to me, would allow for the shortening of the apex Judy is suggesting.

Balancing the two line cascade style is not the easiest thing to do, so I'd like to allow the tree a year of candle shortening and periodic thinning over the next 2-3 years before I'd consider it "ready".

This tree is also an exercise in technical prowess by the original creator.  Just look at the taper of the upper trunk. 

Thanks Owen, for posting this tree, it is a good looking project, and the trunk is awesome.


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