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I live in the hot Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Here we can't grow JWP cause of our weather. What are some good replacments for the JWP that I could grow for bonsai here?

John Kirby:
I grew JWP near Westville Oklahoma, they need to be planted in rapid draining soil and put under 30% shade, and water the daylights out of them- opposite to what you do in Japan. I lost quite a few before I figured it out. Had luck with collected Pinyon Pines and Ponderosa Pines, I also had good luck as did my friend Frank in OKC with Scots Pine. No luck with Mugho..........


John, you are the go-to man when it comes to pines! Right on.

There's also Pinus flexilis, limber pine, a 5-needle North American native. Just a thought.

John Kirby:
I never got flexilis to live in NW Arkansas- could have been me though..... (Stone Pines, etc- all failed). One point, the Virginia Pine might work well in OK, a friend had them doing great in Louisiana and the southern Yellow Pine group does well and can be made into a reasonable bonsai as they bud back well- but might need some winter protection when those really nasty (though infrequent) cold snaps roll through.

Yea we get normally at least one ice storm a year here. So all these have that short need compact foliage like the JWP?


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