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pinus flexilis

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Has anyone ever worked with these trees? Are they difficult? What can you tell us about it? I have access to some nice trees and thinking of buying one.

Leo in NE Illinois:
I had one briefly, sold it because an offer was made I couldn't refuse. By and large - treat them like a Japanese white pine, in fact except that the needles tend to be a little bit longer, it is hard to tell them apart.

Good news is that at least according to the articles I've seen, they bud back better than Japanese white pines.

Anyone else have guidance for P. flexilis?

Dan W.:
I've been collecting them for the past few year with great success, but I don't have any that are very far along in development. I've worked on some at Michael Hagedorn's place. He seems to really like them, and I've enjoyed the work I've done with them. Ryan Neil also raves about Limber pines. That's enough for me! :) I'll be working some of mine soon; possibly this fall.

Don Blackmond at Gregory Beach Bonsai has a nice one for sale... ;)

Owen Reich:
I have a few.  Slow growers but worth the wait.  Old branches are NOT flexible......

The ones I saw were 45$ and very young bark.


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