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Opinions for Styling Nursery Stock Pine for Newbie

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I'm a person not anywhere as knowledgable as Owen and Adair but would sitill like to offer my two cents.

When I look at the first phote I see a tree with 3 groups of foliage, top, middle and bottom. Some of the "middle" could be used to create a bunjin style and the top could be kept as a sacrifice. You could also create a shohin bonsai and the foliage group above could be trimmed and again kept as a sacrifice.

However, if you go for shohin I would not drastically prune ans remove everything (above the lower portion) at once. Should be removed gradually to keep the tree vigorous. And of course nees to be repotted into a good well draining soil mix. Plenty of soil info on this forum. Barerooting half of the rootball, as advised by knowledgeable practitioners really works well.

Regardless of style you do not remove the lower branches, use them to help grow the base and lower trunk AND keep foilage above for sacrifice branches. (i.e. do not remove top or bottom branches, even if they will not be used on the final design, while the tree is in development.)

However the top of the tree (used as a sacrifice) will need to be thinned out to balance the strength of the foliage (pines are apically dominant) and open up the tree for light and air circulation.



 ;D Cut above 1st LEFT branch(branch#2). Do this shortly before growth begins about Feb so strength will still be in roots stored for spring growth.  Use both remaining branches for final design and forget about shohin.  Grow bigger better tree. ;)


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