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New White Pines


Here is a shot of one of the white pines I acquired recently. I got 10 of them, they are 3-year old and were field grown for the last two years. They came to me bare rooted so it was a great chance to start some basic root work without having to worry about hurting the tree with removing all the soil.

It is not much to look at yet, and I am waiting on some new thicker wire so I can give these some basic shape. I probably wont be wiring these until the fall or next year. In the meantime, I potted them all up in some “beautiful” plastic colanders with an inorganic mix. Because they did not have much root mass I was not able to wire them into the baskets the way I would have liked. So I had to make a sort of wire thingy around the trunk to hold them in from falling over. It gets windy here, so it is absolutely essential to secure them, particularly in a loose soil mix like I am using.

These are your native white pines? Looks like you are going to have a lot of fun with them  :) .

Kind regards

M. Frary:
  I was wondering also if these are Eastern White Pine or Japanese White Pine also.

Sorry I should have specified, they are the Eastern white pines.

Eastern white pines are hardy to zone 3, and Japanese whites are only hardy to about 4. I'm zone 3 here so I went with the eastern to increase my chances at keeping things alive!


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