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My first JWP

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Let me be clear: I have little hope that this tree will ever be displayed.  That said, once healthy, I'm sure this tree can teach me about the care of JWP.  (Point out why not if that's the case.)  Would anyone care to give me some pointers or a step-by-step plan?  I'm all ears.

Looks like a good learner tree for sure.  Any idea of the cultivar?  I'm assuming graft? 

I would likely repot first if it were mine.  Feed the crap out of it see if/how much it will back bud.

So, about that JWP.  I've been told its a (n Italian?) Stone Pine, Pinus pinea.  That changes things...

That's an interesting tree, but certainly not a JWP. Check the needle clusters and see if there are 2, 3, or 5. IMO, it barely looks like a pine at all.

Theres a lot of dead needles on it. I would repot it and let it get healthy first before doing anything to it. Bare root half the tree and put it in some good soil.


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