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My "Peter Tea" white pine

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Adair M:
I know, i know: pics or it didn't happen...

I will post a couple of pics.

But first, let me say this... Owen Reich told me today I need to post more here. And I said I would, but its hard to post pictures. So... I tend to take pictures with my iPhone when I see a bonsai worth photographing, because I always have it with me. If this forum would allow me to attach photos directly from my phone, I would post them.

I bet I'm not alone in this. Or if I'm just a dummy, and it can be done, tell me how.

(Rant over)

 Last summer when Peter had just returned from Japan, I was lucky to be the right place at the right time to aquire a nice antique Chinese pot from him.  I didn't have a tree for it, so it's been patiently waiting...

Steve Cratty of Plant City Bonsai went on a buying trip and came upon a JWP recently wired and styled by Peter. He brought it back to Georgia, and when I saw it, I thought it would go well with my pot.

So, in the next post, I'll try to upload pictures. Because it did happen!

Adair M:
Ok, here's the photo.  (I hope!)

I know the feeling. It's a little frustrating . Until I figure it out I mean sending in a photo.
Qualicum Brian

I'd really like this thread to focus on the nice tree that was posted, but I don't have any difficulty posting pictures with my iPhone, and I'm guessing John Kirby doesn't either (as evidenced by the sideways pictures that were posted and DonB posted about recently).  (For that matter, I'd imagine posting with my iPad is just as easy.)  I don't have time right now to write up the details, but I'll try to remember to do it later.)

Also, this forum has added the Tapatalk plugin, but the version of software isn't supported by that plugin for posting pictures from within Tapatalk. Its a known issue and one we're unable to correct at this time.  That said, loading the Safari browser and selecting images to attach from there yields images that are attached to threads.

Adair, I hope you share more photos too! I use an iPhone, you need a picture app that can save into a smaller file size to post here. I use an app called picshop but there's probably thousands of other ones that would work.


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