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John Kirby:
Every once in a while you run into a tree with a story. This tree is about 3' or so tall, it is planted in a large grey pot (Tokoname) and is actually a significantly large tree. It is an imported Kokonoe JWP that was originally grafted on to JBP roots. The tree was potted quite deep and eventually it was "ground layered" (something that Zuisho and Kokonoe are known to do). Over the years the Kokonoe roots have taken over and the JBP roots have eventually been removed, so it is now essentially on its own roots and no graft is visible (it was buried and then removed). This tree is somewhere between 60 and 70 years old, it was shown in the Taikan-ten show  (Show book number 20 it is on page 107) about 10 years ago. After the show Mr. Kamiya let Boon know that it was available and it was subsequently imported to the US and has been in California since then. The tree was offered up for sale this year and I was able to acquire it, it was quite strong (well cared for) and suitable for a late summer styling. Fortunately, Akio Kondo (who had originally worked to get Boon an apprenticeship in Japan) was visiting Boon and agreed to take on restyling this tree.

The tree took three days of work, and is shown as it was as acquired, after 1 day of work, after two days of work, with Akio adjusting from the side and the finished restyling. It is expected that this tree will pop back strongly from this work and after a subsequent styling will be able to be shown in 2014 or 15.

Thanks for reading. John

John Kirby:
And the action pictures.....

Dave Murphy:
Beautiful tree, John...truly world class.  Will this tree stay at Boons, or come home?

John Kirby:
Dave, thanks. The tree will stay at Boon's at least until it has been further developed and shown at the BIB show. Lot's of work has yet to be done, we will see how it progresses. John

Wow John, this is an absolutely fantastic tree.  If this was the only tree in my collection, I would be a very happy man :)


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