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Kifu Size Kokonoe Restyle

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Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

" When I'm on the clock, I'm on the clock."

Time is money Boet ;D

Wow what a tree! really powerful, is it on its own roots or is it grafted to black pine stock?

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Why'd you choose to style that lowest left branch so that it obscures the bend in the trunk? 

Owen Reich:
Good question Wayne.  If you look at the before photo, the tree feels very top-heavy.  This was a structural reboot, so branches were dropped low and shoots were spread out to allow more light to specific areas.  You can still see the first bend in person, but as my teacher's style and personal preferences tend to be more subtle, the big bend is partially obscured.  Shohin and kifu sized trees need low branches to anchor them to display tables that are often taller (box displays for example).  High branches make the trees look puffy and out of scale.

?.... any reason only dorian is replying to my posts on study group? have i unknowingly offended someone?

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