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Hey Herman.

I am worried about this forum.  As much as I love to be on it, I feel that the posts are becoming less and less from everyone.

maybe I'm still too small fryish for these guys....or maybe because we are South African. it's like only the members of the click gets responded to. if you have a question and your not part of the click you get ignored...

come-on people where's the days when mr Kirby helped me, Owen gave advice, almost all of the knowledgeable guys responded to my questions....nowadays it's like I'm chatting to the walls...

whats going on, am I not welcome here anymore? or should i stick to the small fry pool. do i ask "stupid questions"? wtf is going on

I'm not going to another forum, so if this is it this is it :)


I do not see it that way as being part of the click or being South African.  Come on, we are loved by everyone....  ;D ;D ;D

I understand why certain people keep their responses limited as it could affect their ultimate business which is bonsai, but over the last few weeks, it is like the forum has died.

I wonder if there is another reason behind this?

Anyway I will continue to monitor the forum and add every now and then.

Owen Reich:
Apologies for the lack of response.  That white pine is to my knowledge not grafted.  I didn't know off hand, and didn't respond.

This forum survives based on posts.  If nobody posts, nobody responds.  People from South Africa matter  :). 

Thanks Owen.

Glad the Saffas matter.  I think its time you put us on your schedule and come visit.


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