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Here is a JWP that I recently acquired from NEBG.  I've done the first thinning and wiring, it was a joy to work on.  Here are some photos before the work.  There was a bit of reduction that needed done, as there were multiple branches in some areas, and a couple bar branches to deal with.  I did try to angle the bottom right branch down with guy wire, but was largely unsuccessful.

And some photos of after the work for this season. The tree is very healthy.

I have to add that after I took these photos, it was recommended to angle the branch tips up, which I have done, but I haven't taken another pic of it after...

John Kirby:
Nice, you have two very nice grafted white pines.

You really need to get that first branch down.  Pm if you want suggestions.


Adair M:

I would strongly consider and followup on John's recommendations.

Thanks for the offer John, PM sent.


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