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 I will want to go physically look at the tree and see how far off from that angle (3902) it did get planted.  I raised the right side, as that was the intention, (there's a block on the back right of 3902) but looks like the rotation is a bit different than the photo.  When I was potting it, this appeared to be the best "front" in person.  Yes the branch was brought back up to straight at that point, as I raised that side.  I don't know that I will ever be able to lower this branch, and don't know that it's all important to do this.  It would be better I think, but don't see that as a terminal flaw?  As far as three branches coming from the same spot, that issue was solved with branch removal a year or so ago I think. 
I would really like it if you could lay out the structural problems you see with the current angle if possible, and I for my part will take some photos tomorrow with different angles to look at.  I did very little rootwork when I moved the tree to the new container, other than raising the back right side, so the angle could be changed again relatively soon.

Owen Reich:

--- Quote from: Adair M on August 30, 2015, 08:33 AM --- 

On the other hand, the Japanese style would be more like what Owen has suggested, and develop the key branch to extend to the left. The trunk leans left, the key branch should be to the left, under the concept that whatever environmental influences that caused the trunk to lean would also favor the key branch to grow in the same direction as the trunk.

--- End quote ---

I disagree that your layout would be the "Japanese Way".  Dynamic tension trees are all over the place in Japan.  Meaning, the trunk line or major features of the tree go one way, and the apex and / or primary branch go the other. 

My preferences tend more towards harmonious feeling trees with this current layout and I tend to avoid more heavy lined power designs like the current planting angle and branch layout.  Just a personal thing. 

As Adair said (paraphrasing) there isn't a right or wrong answer. 

Owen Reich:
Judy, I don't see the key branch as a terminal flaw.  I do think a lot of the main branch is visible to the viewer, and could be broken up with some foliage.

Last night I played around with the photos.  Wasn't going to share them, but what the hell.  Please note, this was a two minute sort of thing and branch selection would be careful.

Totally agree with you about the foliage breaking up that branch.  Also that branch might be better shorter.  Thanks for the pics, appreciate the time taken! Gotta admit that #2 made me giggle, as I've seen that too, but know I'd NEVER be able to cut that much of the tree off! :D
I will look at the other ideas with the tree in front of me today.

This is a good discussion about styling in general, the kind of discussions I want to see here on the forum.


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