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As requested here is a pic of my large Japanese White Pine.  I purchased this tree in Japan from Hiro Yamaji in the fall of 2000.  It had been in my care ever since.  It is a little over 30" tall and 6-7 inches at the base.  The container is Chinese.  Last Spring I had the opportunity to share it again with Hiro.  He seemed to be very impressed and in his humble Japanese manner said that he has produced very few trees with the potential of this one...probably just blowing smoke up my butt, but it did make me proud.  Bill V. also saw this picture last Jan. and requested that I submit for the national show...again I was humbled. Due to a conflict, I did not submit the tree for consideration.
The second pic is of the tree just prior to the last time I wired it...winter 08.

Here is a link to additional pics if you are interested... http://picasaweb.google.com/john.geanangel/WhitePine?feat=directlink


This is a great tree with a great shape.  Thanks for sharing.  The additional photos at picasa were great, too!


Is this a named variety by chance?  Since you've had it have you learned anything about it's care specific to your region?  Are there any special requirements in dealing with the heat and humidity, etc.?

Thanks again for sharing.

To my knowledge it is not a named variety.  As far as care is concerned, this tree has been very easy...not near as many things to do as JBP.  I do try to protect it some given the potential extremes of weather in my area.  However, this tree was grown in southern Japan, Shikoku Island...virtually the same latitude as where I live...I am about 80-90 miles further South.  I have repot about every 3 years.  It has also been wired three times.  It likes to be fertilized:) 

Beautiful tree. It was interesting how you did the gravity tie downs without using any roots or external anchors. It seems that you just ran wires through the drainage holes all the up to the limbs. Is that how you do it? I like this method to achieve the same result as heavy wiring. Take care.



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