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What kind of soil?  How do you water?

It is done in Japanese mixture from large particles at the bottom to smaller ones at the top. The bottom has large hyuga rock and the middle is medium akadama,  and at the top is small akadama, red and black lava rock.

I usually water it with a water can or a water hose (shower).

I think the Japanese mixture is great, but great in Japan. I prefer to have a uniform mixture with the only exception of having large hyuga rocks at the bottom.

By the way, Thanks MastuBonsai for helping me. I had read some of your post and no doubt you have a lot knowledge of bonsai.

Pure akadama in the middle layer might be holding quite a bit of water, unless the granular size is quite large.  Are all the soil components sifted?  When you water, are you watering the foliage also?  That might contribute to some fungus growth. 

Are there any other affected bonsai on your bench?  Any yard trees in the area?

I also wonder if there might be some embedded wire still in/on the trunk that finally constricted the top?

The soil was sifted, but you may right about holding a bit more water in the middle due to the med. Akadama.

I do water the foliage, by misting it when I water.

I don't have any other trees infected.

Interesting about the wire theory, I think you may be right about it. There is wire holding down the tree and it is coming across the the trunk, but the tree was repotted this spring so I don't if it makes a difference

How was it repotted?  Who repotted?  When exactly was it repotted?  Have you seen Boon's repotting DVD?  Wired into the pot is common practice, and not what I was referring to.  It looks like there are very deep grooves in the trunk high up.  Any wire still in there?

I would recommend against watering/misting the foliage of trees that you suspect are susceptible to fungal infections.


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