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I'm curious, did you get this tree on ebay? My JWP was from a guy on there and looks like they might have come from the same guy since the pot and soil mix looks the same and the tree is very similar. Mine has wire cuts up high as well. Just wondering if I might end up w/  the same issues.

It is probably from the same seller, but you should not worry. I would check the soil with a thin chop stick and see if takes some pressure to stick it through. If it does, you might want to repot it or allow it to dry out a bit longer. I have another JWP from his nursery and I allow it to dry out longer then usual and it is actually doing really good, with a lot of new growth. However, I think next fall I might repot without using akadama.

I know the seller personally as I have gone to his nursery in Sacramento throughout the years. He is one of the few that are able to bring in JWP in the country legally. He has also one the best stock for CA juniper which he goes every few years to dig out and makes a few into cuttings. He has a outstanding nursery and the prices are quite reasonable and he will actually negotiate price with you while examining tree you are interested in. 

John Kirby:
Tell Yuzo hi for me the next time you are there. You will still need to use some akadama, in a mix. See Boon.


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