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Hello all.. Just a few shots of my japanese white pine. The needles have just opened. Please ignore the pot. The tree was put in this oversized pot last fall for healthy reasons. The tree was not doing well and using this pot as an emergency pot has done the tree a world of good.

It has a lot of character for a small tree. It is about 12 inches tall with about a 3 1/2 inch base.

Comments always welcome.

p.s. John K, hope you like this pine as much as the spruce... ;D


John Kirby:
Very sweet. Miyajima?

Thanks John..Not sure..I know that it is an import from Japan. However, I do not know from where. I have worked with this pine for almost 2 years. I rewired it, repotted it, reduced the branches and cut the top of the tree off for a tighter apex. Also, working on the ramification.

I have tilted the tree away away from the viewer upon the repot. The original planting angle had this tree with the whole top half completely leaning over towards the viewer. Kind of just a trunk with a big mushroom top. Also, it looked like the branches were bar branches. By tilting it back, it exposed the beautiful trunk of the tree and made the branches look more uniform and ladder like.


I can't decide if its an improvement, but have you ever considered planting it a little more upright?

John Kirby:
I guess I would look at the structure and lean it back forward a bit, this would hide the trunk transition after the graft point. It does look like Miyajima. I believe the mother plant lives in Nagoya.


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