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Japanese White Pine grafted

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This is my JWP that is grafted onto Scots Pine understock(I aquired it this way-I did not graft it). I have had this pine about 10 months now. I am just posting pics of before and after bud selection and wiring. Hope my pine is worth your interest.
ps: before pics were taken the weekend of:10/3-4. after pics were taken 10/13

pic #4 starts the after pics


last ones

I've never grown out young jwp stock, so lets all keep that in mind.  I think the area in the red circle is going to lead to some serious inverse taper issues for you as time wears on.  So, that is something you will want to address.  The thickness of the main branches at the moment are already too thick.  This leaves you with a couple options, chop them off, or use one for a new leader.  The yellow circles show alot of good options for future development if you decide to keep that section as the future tree.  Also, you've got some crossing roots you might want to sort out before the tree ages too much.  Well, that's what my approach would be and I wish you luck.



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