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I got a whit pine!

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I thi k it is a good specimen,  I see a few ideas for it already. The top will be cut off ompleatly this year and transplanted next year.
this is a pinus parvivola AOI. Tell me what you guys think.

John Kirby:
These little guys have great foliage and can grow very slowly. Before you cut anything, I would suggest finding the graft and seeing what that looks like. In the trade these will either be grafted on to parviflora or another Five needle like strobus. You will have to remove the tree from the pot and take off soul until you find the nebari and the graft union. Nice tree.

I can see the graft above the soil. I intend to make the graph face the rear. I will post more pics taday from different sides.

This is currently the prevailg idea.

Adair M:
Yeah, we got that.

Look at the trunk you'll have left. Is that going to be thick enough?  Because once you chop it, and start refining it, the trunk won't thicken any more.

If you want more trunk girth, leave the sacrifice trunk on, and start working the bottom like you want it. You can remove the sacrifice later.


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