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I got a whit pine!

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Im in a bad spot. As I waS looking at the tree the trunk snapped in that spot :(
It waS not a complete break so I wrapped it with raffia and added a metal rod. I do not like large trees I prefer small ones. But I still can believe what a useless, skillless incompetent #=%/=÷ moron I am, no wonder I cant do bonsai im too stupid. The apex of that tree will die, but ofcourse I.will not know it till months later.and by that time the tree will be so messed up that it will have one option and thats to throw the ÷$#=% $ away only to buy a newone and through my 2 brain cell mind screw it up to. I swear people like me should not reprduce.

Adair M:
Oh, no!!!

I agree, JWP are more "delicate" than blacks. Reds are even worse.

If it really snapped, I doubt it will heal.

I might have to  settle for a smaller tree. I screwed the pooch on this. But its my incompetence that is responsible. If this is something tha t cannot be remedied,  then im giving up on the bonsai thing. I am so angry with myself,  I wish I could beat myself up to a bloody pulp! My incompetence is only overshadowed by my moronic nature! I hate being me!
is Pinus Parviviflora Glauca a better subject than AOI? I hate myself for this! My incompetence is immeasurable.

Leo in NE Illinois:
Don't be so hard on yourself. "Stuff" happens, that is why we call them accidents.

Wait until you kill a really expensive tree, then you will be "in the club". You can tell who the other members are by their forlorn faces, sunken shoulders and eyes, and that look that says we are just this side of killing ourselves.

We all had done bone head things that resulted in disasters. You learned the lesson, JWP are not as flexible as JBP.

So what ever is left on the trunk is your new tree. A design opportunity.

Hopefully the break was above the graft. A word of caution for the future, the graft union will always be a weak point. Don't wire across the graft union (except maybe to anchor the wire), don't ever try to put a bend on a section of trunk with a graft union. The graft union will break if you flex it. It may take up to 10 years for a graft union to fully fuse - and even then it won't be as strong as normal wood.  Just a note of caution.

Its way above the graft union. It will have to be a much smaler tree. The break is on the red line in the photo.


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