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How late can I can repot a JWP

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I got a Shohin JWP, upon inspecting the soil I noticed that it is quite compact, but it is full of mychoriz (dont know how to spell it). I am wondering if I can get away with a quick repot or wait til spring. I am in the bay area (east bay). I already scrap some of the compact soil from the top and made some holes, but don't know if that is enough.

Unless I'm mighty much mistaken, pines must be repotted in spring: that's when they have their one annual major flush of growth. That's a lesson I learned at the cost of several dead pines!

(There are exceptions: JBP has a 2nd flush later, and the mugo is best repotted, apparently, in late summer. Can't think of any others.)

If your soil really is full of mycorrhizae, that's definite plus: the mycorrhizae will help the tree get by until spring.

Even so, I strongly suggest you take the tree to a local bonsaiist with JWP experience, for his/her "eyes-on" evaluation. There's only so much help we can give at long distance

I knew that spring is really the best time to do it, I too learned through my past experience, but I am actual more confident with white pines as I have kept them some time. But this one was bought from New England Bonsai Gardens (which has great stock) and just noticed that the soil was quite compact and it should have been repotted this past spring, but it was not. I have heard in Fall there is a small window that a repot can be done, but just trying to see what others might suggest. I probably going to hold off and just  keep a better eye on it through the winter.

Owen Reich:
We repot Pinus parviflora here in Osaka the end of July to early August as the general rule of thumb.  We still repot now (two yesterday actually), but the window is closing fast for doing anything more than a light raking of the perimeter for a pot and/or angle change.   We are never too aggressive with the removal of soil or roots.   I'm not familiar with your area, so the physiological point to know it's ok to repot is when the current year's needles have hardened and the bud(s) in the center is a little more brown.  We are approximately 4 weeks ahead of Knoxville, TN according to Bjorn.

Thanks for your help Owen, I going to repot tomorrow and do very little on the roots and basically spread out the roots and put it in fresh bonsai soil. It does not a lot pruning and styling, but it is quite healthy.


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