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Grafted Miyajima

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Adair M:
John, you're cheating!  You're cutting branches off so you won't have to wire them!

John Kirby:
Nah, was in hurry to take the picture and clean up, got the angle off. no branches cut off, I promise!

John Kirby:
Ok, her you can see both theside branch and lower back to side branch. Both at a closer to correct front and inthenlpw up, thos will be visible more easily once the tree is tilted  back 5-10 degrees or so, and a few degrees left down tocorrect for the apex.

Time to get back to work.

Adair M:
So, how often do you "earn" a cigar?  Each branch?  Or each level?

Waiting.... waiting... Want to see what you do up top!


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