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Excellent shohin white pine prestock

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A couple months back I was going through all the tree s at the nursery as usual. When I came upon this white pine.. The nursery has a ton of them. Most of the time,  I don't pay  much attention simply because more often than not, the trunks have reverse taper or no taper, horrible scarring or are just out of my price range.  I happen to see this one and for some reason, decided to pic it up. It was supposed to be cascade. However, the main cascade branch was very straight and thick with practically no taper. Something made me inspect the tree further. I noticed that with a rotation and tilt, it exposed a beautiful, subtle curve on a very thick trunk for its height.  I also realized that by cutting the cascade branch off and chopping the top, this would be an incredible shohin white pine. Which actually are not seen very often.  So the journey begins. After I brought it home, I chopped 2/3 of the cascade branch and about 1/2 of the top. At which point, I applied cut paste to the wounds. I thought that this was a good amount of work to start with. Next season, there will be a repot, and the removal of a couple of branches and maybe some wiring.

The trees height is around 8 inches with a 3 inch plus trunk.


Owen Reich:
I'll take it  ;D.  Killer find.

wow that's a great looking trunk and a really healthy appearing tree.  And you are definitely taking it in a better direction.

At what nursery did you find this?  Your profile doesn't say where you are from . . . .

- bob

Thanks Owen.

Hello cbobgo. This tree came from New England Bonsai Gardens in Bellingham Massachusetts.


Can I ask what you paid for this ?  Very nice - I am sure you will do a great job with it.


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