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eastern white pine, are they really as bad as everyone says?

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--- Quote from: Buffrider on July 28, 2011, 03:45 PM ---I have one of these lying around that I bought when I first got into bonsai and was told that they suck as bonsai so I'd like to see some more on this.

--- End quote ---

Well then, i have good news.

After 3 years this tree finally came out of the ground. No tap-root. Small rootball. We got most of it though. My old man helped, mostly with the swearing.

Im not sure how the tree was even living where it was, it had so few roots. We cut only three roots worth mentioning, only one needed the saw. The other two got chopped with the shovel before we even noticed, they were only 1/4".

Since it's the fall we just threw her in the ground, it'll be less worry come winter. It's not a tree moving from a tiny rock pocket high in the mountains of Colorado being planted at sea level, its a tree moving about a mile east. Hopefully planting it in the ground won't come back to haunt me, we'll see.

Wait until you guys see this tree...
Ill be able to post pictures tomorrow afternoon. 5" trunk, covered in ancient bark. This tree was better then i remembered.
I'll just post a new thread.


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