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I think your last reply was exactly the answer I was looking for. You seem to know a lot about JWP. I started bonsai last year and JWP are my favorite subject. The variability in JWP seedlings is no joke...I have 3 seedlings and all look like completely different species. I'm going to start training them this winter, while in the meantime learn as much as I can about the species.

Do you have any finished JWP bonsai I can see?


John Kirby:
None finished, we have experimented for a number of years (~10) with them in NW Arkansas. When I first moved here about 20 years ago I was told that I couldn't raise them here. However, I do have several and have grafted white pine on to Ponderosa pine in NWA with good luck. If you want to see a big JWP that I have had for about 6 years, and should be wired this spring (I figure that it will take me 6 or 7 days of full time wiring) after Boon and I get it repotted and settled in. It is at this link: http://bonsaistudygroup.com/white-pine-discussion/root-connected-jwp/


I saw that post, but I didn't know that thing was yours! You have quite a collection...impressive, to say the least! There seems to be another JWP next to it with very nice color.

Can you recommend any good literature or care sheets on JWP? I found some at evergreengardenworks.com and lvbonsai.co.uk. Do you know any other sources?


John Kirby:
Let me think about the care sheet, there are a couple of good articles in Bonsai Today and I have read a couple of great pieces ib International Bonsai (Bill Vavanis' periodical). I'll see what I can find.

The JWP in front of the big seedling JWP is an Ara Kawa type JWP that is grafted on to JBP. It did not like getting repotted 4years ago and has finally decided to grow well the past two years and again needs to be wired and styled. It has nice color.

I really would like to see a photo of that Ara Kawa. How is the bark on it? When I first became interested in JWP I planned to purchase the Ara Kawa cultivar because of its "warty bark", but I couldn't find any of decent size and/or within my student budget.

I have one 6y/o JWP seedling from Mt. Ishizuchi, Japan that I purchased from Julian Adams. It already has unusually rough bark for such a young age.   

I tried looking on those two sites, but I couldn't find any free online articles. I sent Bill Vavanis an email but I'm not sure if he'll respond.


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