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Decandling White Pines

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John Kirby:
When I get home next week I will try and remember to take a picture of the Ara Kawa, it has a 6" base or so is about 20-22" tall. John

(Bill is a quality guy, I bet he responds, either here or to your email)

Frank Serraiocco:
So I've been reading a bit more about Japanese White Pines...is it true that they only push out one wave of growth each year?  If so, this might explain the difference in care tactics for the white pine that I have.  My eastern white pine pushes out 2 waves of growth practically on the same schedule as my black pines.  Since this is the case, wouldn't it be safe to remove all of the spring growth and allow the summer growth to replace it...similar to a black pine except all at once rather than weakest to strongest 10 days apart?



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