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cutting down a white pine??????

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okay so my neighbor has this White pine she has been growing for about 20 years in a wooden 15 gallon pot and the pine is about 15 tall....she kind of just let it go, i dont know if she waters it anymore, but anyways, back to my question....im new to bonsai and to pine...i love pine trees, black, white, red, mugo whatever....i was wondering is it possible that i cut the tree down to about 2 feet, and it will survie??? can someone help me please???

File this one away 'cause you'll refer back to it if you continue with bonsai:

Always leave foliage when pruning conifers.

It'd help to see a picture, but now's not really the best time to chop a pine (at least in my climate), and survival will depend on how much foliage is left.

yeah sorry i should of put a pic on it...was thinkin that far lol...i live in california and im not taking about choppin it down anytime soon..but when would be a good time to chop them?..after looking at the tree again, i think i would like to cut it about 4 feet from the base of the trunk.....

another one

It doesn't look like you any foliage in the lower trunk to support a trunk chop. Even if there was, there is zero taper, and no movement, thus no bonsai future. Just purchase a tree with more promise.


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