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Another white pine I styled for my buddy

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--- Quote from: bwaynef on July 14, 2014, 08:31 AM ---In the after pic, it looks very 2-Dimensional.  Have any pictures from the sides?

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Any thoughts on why it comes across as two dimensional to you Wayne?
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I don't notice many back branches, and the side branches don't seem to have much depth either.  Am I wrong?

Hi Wayne,

thanks for the reply.

it has only one distinguishable back branch in the second whorl up from soil level. "And the side branches don't seem to have much depth either.  Am I wrong?"  Lol Wayne if you see no depth in the side branches in the  photo, then you see no depth...eyes do not lie to us often. though I'm not exactly sure what you mean by no depth to the side branches.Are you of opinion that I should have wired them into more fan shaped pads so they would seem to be wider and give more of a 3d effect?

kind regards

Can you post a picture of the tree turned 90° from the front?

Adair M:

The second level of branches, seems to have three branches, one of which is pointing at us in the front...

Is it possible the view would be better from the other side?  That is, are looking at the back of the tree?

Hi adair,

Thanks for posting.  Its really difficult to tell from the after pic of the tree but the branch in front is not coming directly at the viewer. Also the branch going back is not going directly backwards. Maybe if I lowered the front branch even more to place these pads at different levels it would've come off as more 3d in a photo. The current back would've worked as a front but for a really nasty scar just where the apex starts, worst thing about this scar is that it is in plain view and there is no branches there that can be used to cover it with, lastly the apex will lean away as the continuation of the trunk into the apex leans away from that knob to the current front.

Kind regards


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