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Just out of curiosity should I purchase a white pine? A nice one from Brent , I would really like to try my luck on these trees. I am keeping my small trees but they are going to be left somewhat alone for a while so that they thicken up. I will also be able to get a growing bed going this year so I am exited...but more on the topic which white pine should I get? I do live in Michigan so the cold is a concern.

M. Frary:
  Down where you live cold shouldn't be much of a concern for a white pine. They don't mind a little cold weather.


--- Quote from: GBHunter on August 05, 2014, 09:14 PM ---Just out of curiosity should I purchase a white pine?
--- End quote ---

If I'm spending someone else's money, I'm going to recommend a purchase every time.

Do others in your area/climate have JWP that thrive?

I do not know many people in this area, I was informed by many sources including Boon to stay away from the local bonsai club. But the nurseries here stated the pine should be fine if protected from wind and extreme cold.

Hi GB,

you are in zone5B, it will be fine in your area :)

kind regards


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