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M. Frary:
  I see JWP all over in Michigan at nurseries. I haven't bought one yet but I will when I see the right one. All that I see are grafted trees.


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--- Quote from: Sorce on August 15, 2014, 07:11 AM ---You can wait till a show comes around with some good vendors.

Or get something put on the Wagon from Oregon. ( must see from Oregon) post

Anyone know how that went?


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I received several trees this yr on the Wagon Sorce.  Ryan drove it out this yr, and actually arrived earlier than planned.  I'll be bringing to Chicago more yamadori each yr if plans go accordingly. 

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Awesome! Thanks!

Leo in NE Illinois:

--- Quote from: GBHunter on August 15, 2014, 12:57 AM ---This is more of a direct question for people inMichigan. What nurseries sell JWP? None but one of the local ones have it. The "bonsai" place here has them at horrific prices given what you get. The have one tree that is marked at 599$ and more than 50% of the tree is completely dead, plus the soil stinks like rot. These are the guys that took my Arailla tree (it was awful , my first atempt at anything), and sold it for 55$ I got it for 6$. Anyway anyone  know any nurseries?

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If you are in the eastern half of Michigan, you should plan on making the drive to Rochester, NY to see the national show in 4 weeks. Sept 13 & 14. Many vendors will be selling JWP.

A great source for JWP via mail order, Riverbend has both seedling JWP and grafted named varieties of JWP. Some of Wayne's grafts are on P. strobus, some are on JBP, just ask. Riverbend also has 3 and 6 year old JWP seedlings on their own roots at very modest prices.  http://riverbendgardens.com/shop/

If you want to do walk in and pick out or pick up, here are a couple MI places.

Don Blackmond - Gregory Beach MI - http://www.gregorybeachbonsai.com/index.html

Cold Stream Farm - Manistee - Traverse City area - a tree nursery not bonsai orientated, but good bare root stock for spring. Right now no JWP but they do have Bristlecone Pine, American Red Pine & Jack Pine, both are very hardy. Jack Pine & Red Pine (P.resinosa) are native to MI and fully hardy there. http://www.coldstreamfarm.net/default.aspx

Another tree nursery (not bonsai orientated) also in Traverse City area - I have not purchased from them yet but they have a wide selection of bare root and potted stock http://porkyfarm.com/default1.asp

Kaede Misho is in a suburb of Detroit if you are on that end of the state - http://shop.kaedemisho.com I have not purchased from them, so I know nothing about them. Looks like they are worth checking out.

You can trust Riverbend and Evergreen Gardenworks for mail order - they are fine small nurseries focused on bonsai with excellent reputations. Evergreen - http://www.evergreengardenworks.com/

Hope that helps, the list may not be everybody, but it is a start.

Wonderful thank you!


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