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Willow Leaf Fig - Ficus neriifolia regularis (salicifolia) or Ficus 'salicaria'

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--- Quote from: clrosner on July 06, 2009, 08:02 PM ---THE DEED IS DONE!

I wish I was a procrastinator!  The more I read everyone's advice, I knew I would never sleep tonight, so I carried the tree into the tree house.  Sharpened my utility knife and went to work.  The first two pictures are after I completed the job, and then I decided to cover the two small wounds with lava rock, and let the tree handle the rest. No, I did not use and paste over the wounds. I have faith in the health of this tree to handle the compartmentalize of the two wounds.   :o :o

Thanks for all your advice.


--- End quote ---

Carl, did you mean to say you wish you were NOT a procrastinator?  :D To me this tree has just jumped in emotional appeal by about tenfold...great job letting it go.


I am definitely NOT a procrastinator.... That is my curse....  If I didn't make myself clear, I meant that if I WAS a procrastinator I would have left that horizontal root there.  But once you and all the other members put the bee in my bonnet, I knew I would not sleep the other night.  That is why I did the deed.  I thank you and everyone else for your in put.

Warmest regards,


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