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Why not try Root over deadwood Ficus Aurea

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I had a F.Aurea root wrapped around a cedar stump. But it hasn't grown any leaves so I  dug it up to check the roots. It only had to new feeder roots so I just potted it without the stump to let it grow more .  My f aurea cutting needed a better place. Hey stump!

It has many hollows .  It was full of ants. But I evicted them after they did all the work building the place. I carved a few extra holes on top. And placed a root through each one.

These F. Aurea root so easily I don't use rooting hormone.

That is awesome

Did you treat the wood first with something?

No I didn't. It was in a pot with the ficus root  and in high humidity but I guess it doesn't rot easy. The little bit of bark that was on there was the only thing that rotted out.I only filled the stump with amaybe a cup of coarse sand and compost. And I used deer mass as a plug and it holds moisture and oxygen pretty good. I get good root ramification from the coarse builders sand.


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