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The "DEAD" ficus


Larry Gockley:
This tree has a bit of a story behind it. In May of 2007, I was asked to remove this 18 foot tall ficus benjamina from a yard, because the whole north side was leafless, and the owner said it was dying. I dug it up and put it in a pond basket type pot, after cutting it down to about 24", and a massive root prune. My wife and I call it the dead ficus. HAA! 
  It has a multiple trunk with a diameter of 7", and is currently 27" tall, well within my " to shoot for " goal of a 6 to 1 ratio. I got the pot at last years ABS seminar in San Antonio. In the very near future, I will trim some of the bottom foliage to get a somewhat 1/3 trunk, 2/3 foliage ratio. Other than that, I am still in the branch development stage. Some branches are in the 3/4" range, and I hope to be able to trim some more and expose the branches this winter. Hope you like it. Larry

Great job. What a rescue and resurrection.
How about a shot from a lower perspective?
Keep up the great work.
Jerry "Bonsaihunk"

Larry Gockley:
Thanks a lot Jerry.  I trimmed some of the bottom foliage, and will take some more pics tomorrow. Thanks again. Larry

Jerry Norbury:
Very nice - the best bonsai are growing in people's gardens and we just need to rescue them...

Larry Gockley:
Thanks for your reply Jerry. And the price was right too, about a hour of sweat !  Larry


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