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Jeff Lahr:
This is a tree that I bought at Home Depot hardware store last winter. The first photo is the tree as purchased. The second photo is the tree before I worked on it this afternoon. The final photo is after working on it. There are a few obvious straight trunks that could not be bent. I'm pretty sure a new branch will pop up closer to the base and allow for more movement.

Rick Moquin:
The only way sheffleras are going to grow branches where there is none is to chase the foliage back with pruning. That is how these trees are styled.

Nice work with your tree.
I also find that once your tree has recovered and is healthy and growing well, defoliation and removal of all the terminal buds will result in many back buds. I also wire my Schefflera but this must be done by wiring and bending the branches only a little each day. Over a few weeks a branch can be bent a fair amount.

Jerry "Bonsaihunk"


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